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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 1 August 1997


Day 22

1 August 1997 (very sunny and nice; mileage = 44.9; Millersylvania State Park, Washington) -- X - We got up a little late (~7:00) which was about the time the two San Diego guys were getting up. We packed up and had breakfast much quicker than them. Hey, we're professionals. We hit the voice mail and the Swiss had left us a message! Wow -- they're great and we miss them. We got rolling and kept up a great pace. There were some long climbs, but never too steep or sudden. The road became more and more freeway-like until we saw a sign that told bikers to get lost. We stopped in a grocery store in a suburb of Olympia. I went in and did some shopping, including 2 pints of good ice cream which we ate outside. A fat guy was trying to get helpful with directions, but his best advice was to stop in the ranger station across the highway. We did that and got a map. We were back on the trail again going through a nice-looking suburb. We saw a very nice-looking library and I went in and got some copies made of the Washington Atlas. We then rode past the airport to the state park. It was a weekend RV circus. Hiker-biker instructions to an odd part of the park. It was very nice in here. We washed clothes, hung them in the patchy forest sunlight, replaced April's front brake pads, and took a shower. When I came back, a family with a LOT of stuff had started to set up camp nearby. They reminded us of a Chevy Chase vacation movie. We cooked quesadillas which were very tasty. We packed up everything for the evening and now we're in the tent being too hot. That's summer, I guess.
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