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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 13 August 1997


Day 34

13 August 1997 (coolish; mostly cloudy; mileage = 25; Patrick's Point State Park) -- A - We putzed around for quite a while this morning, aware that we only had about 20 miles to ride today. It's quite possible we didn't leave there until 11:30. After only a few miles of riding, we saw a very interesting structure that deserved a stop. It was a Fly's Eye Dome. We went in and found a Buckminster Fuller shrine. We looked for quite some time. Chris wound up getting a geodesic necklace for Sarah's b-day, a glow-in-the-dark geoball for Alan, a satellite photo dymaxion map poster for his dad and an MC Escher book and a math model book (Chris described it as the most interest boring book he's seen possibly). We then ate in a Swiss-German restaurant next door. They had buffalo, ostrich and elk on the menu. Chris had a cheeseburger and I had pork. It was excellent, as was the chocolate-raspberry concoction we had for dessert. There was a guy there who wanted to talk to us for a long time. Chris entertained him and then I got to do the same for his wife and bored-looking daughter. We finally left there only to stop a couple of miles later at the Orick post office to mail some of Chris' bulkier purchases and I went in the grocery. Once again, we set off and it was getting quite late for us to have not gone anywhere. We were riding along the coast and came upon a free campground that was quite amazing. It was basically a mile-long pull off by the ocean that had RVs parked all over the place and a couple of port-o-lets in the parking lot. There was a tent area and we saw a few people smoking pot. Wow! We decided we'd definitely pay money NOT to be there! We went up a couple of hills that seemed very tough to me. I know I was going REALLY slow, because Chris kept stopping to wait for me. The hills weren't really that bad, but Chris' legs weren't recovered from our mountain climbing and my stopped-up head was making me very light-headed and yucky. We finally got here and had to hunt for the hiker-biker sites, but it was worth it. We're the only ones here and the sites are very secluded anyway. We hear the ocean crashing and some birds, but no cars, no people, WOW! There are some trails nearby, but they're fine. We think we'll stay here tomorrow to get some post cards written, the maps studied and prepare for a possibly challenging stretch! X - We also stopped at the Redwood National Forest tourist building and checked out a cool dugout Cande (Redwood, of course). We also marveled at a great relief map of the area which showed our trail-blazing efforts very excellently. There is a big rock here which I climbed up to. It was quite impressive.
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