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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 29 August 1997


Day 50

29 August 1997 (mileage = 93; Alex's place [San Francisco]) -- X - We got up relatively early and packed up and ate some stuff that seemed yucky for breakfast. Neither one of us felt nonqueasy. Robert sang us the "Winnibago Song" which he used to sing with the Sonoma Cty. Men's Anti-nuclear Glee Club. We weighed our stuff. My bike weighed ~ 110 with H2O. April's was ~ 80 pounds. We said good-bye, then went to the post office. We mailed pictures. We then had to wait for the library to open (~10 minutes), since I needed to go to the bathroom real bad. That done, we finally got going at about 9:40. We rode long and hard out to the coast. We had to zig zag and it was very hot. We saw 2 dead cats today. We also blew by some German tourers. I did slow up to say "Gute Reise!" At Tomales Bay, our head wind turned to a tail wind. Whew! We stopped at a really nice, unpopular spot to eat lunch. We were both still too ill to eat properly. Oddly, a phone technician came by and climbed a phone pole. I watched and saw him drop a tool. As he left, I went over and got it for him. He was very happy, since it looked specific and expensive. Onward. It got hilly and then we came out on this huge marsh with pelicans and other birds. I thought we were at the bay, but no, more coast. Then it got absurdly hilly, but the views were magnificent. On this last big climb across the Marin Peninsula, I started to bonk. We were at 70+ miles already. We made it to Sausalito and haphazardly navigated their horrible bike route system. We FINALLY made it to the G.G. Bridge and threaded our way through pedestrians to cross. At the south end were heaps of cops glaring at us. It seems we popped into town at the tail end of a critical mass event (where cyclists protest access rights). One of the participants led us to Alex's street and we easily found his apartment and him. We showered, chatted and ate lots of toast. Very good. Now we are waiting up for the Richters.
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