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Grey Owls


This piece was done in September 1999. I had just discovered that all of the regular polygon tessellations had been cataloged in the 1800s by a Swiss guy. The article in Scientific American kindly diagramed them all too. That gave me some ideas to try to create clever tessellations based on the simple patterns. I basically started playing with one of the patterns. After I had made some progress, I realized that I had a conceptual error - the real gremlin of this sort of thing. My work was not in vain, however, since it luckily fit into a simpler pattern's symmetry. And the owls were the result. There is a neat thing about these owls and a lame thing. The neat thing is that any row of owls can be mirrored to point the other way; in other words, all of their wings could point left, for example. The lame thing is that the visual effect is of owls standing behind each other ad infinitum. This is kind of lame since good tessellations (in my opinion) are comprised of tiles that can stand on their own as complete images.

[Image of Grey Owls]

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