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This piece was created on 99.10.10. I'm extremely pleased with it. The breakthrough here was an idea I had one night while lying in bed too physically tired to do anything, yet too mentally awake to sleep. I was thinking about the process that I used to create "Owls" and I realized that it could be applied to a foolishly complex degree. The next morning I checked it out and, sure enough, it was an excellent method. The specific method I use is to use AutoCAD's "paperspace" viewports to create all of the views of a segment of a tessellation that will be replicated. That way, a change made in one spot will (roughly) be reflected in all of the (hopefully) correct places. If this sounds easy, keep in mind that I probably know as much about AutoCAD as M.C.Escher knew about pencils.

After the method was established, it was a matter of spending the time to get something from it. The truly amazing thing about this peice is that I was able to maintain a coherent theme. That really scores bonus points. The basic pattern was also unique; it consisted of hexagons with squares surrounding each face and equilateral triangles in the spaces between the squares. This piece took about 8 hours to create from nothing to having the complete concept. "Perfecting" the image took another couple of hours. Perfecting is where the original AutoCAD model is arranged so that the images repeat absolutely perfectly with no overlaps, gaps, or missed points. This is essential for the coloring phase since an imperfect model will yield an image with "leaks" that are a pain to fill. The coloring took an hour or so.

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