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Wow. I almost can't believe it. I was wondering about my success with the "Down Under" graphic and whether it was a lucky fluke or if I am now able to generate this sort of thing on demand. I was exchanging email about my last tessellation with my dad and that got me thinking about attempting another to see if I could do it or not. We also discussed an environmental/nature theme with cute animals. This isn't normally my style, but since that was what we discussed and it was consistent with my last work, I decided to not only attempt to repeat my success, but to also choose the theme beforehand. So with the theme cute, aquatic animals, I went to work. And no, I wasn't trying to start a trend with animals with "pus" in their name.

One neat thing about this piece is the symmetry used. I just happened to find yet another tiling article in Scientific American. This one had a five sided tile (non-regular, of course) that did some neat things. I used this as the basis for my layout. This shape is basically a pentagon with two non adjacent 90 degree angles, and three 120 degree internal angles. I have put this shape down at the bottom of this page with the pattern superimposed. For fun, see if you can fit all of the unique image in such a 5 sided shape. This means that you have a bounding shape with exactly 5 sides in which all of the details fit exactly once. You cant have the same octopus arm in there twice for example.

I started work at about 17:00 and had the concept by 20:00. After dinner, I worked on "perfecting" from about 21:00 to 00:00 and now it's almost 03:00 and I'm totally done with two versions.

This version is sort of tilted from how I designed it. That's because that was the most efficient way to get all the unique data into a box. It is smaller, but I like the other one better.

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