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Journals - 9 June 1992



Up. It rained in the night. Got stuff packed up. Went to Hank and his wife's site to use their fire. They were very nice. Took off. Rode to the coast. Bad headwinds all day. Cut into Indian Reservation. Rain and mist playing evil games with us. Shitty, shitty weather and winds. Stopped at hut to put on gear. No towns so no food. Dennis started to flake out.Did some cool mini pace line riding for a bit. We were fried at Hoquium. Got a motel room. Shower. Ate at "Duffy's". Set stuff out to dry. Talked to C.B. Watched TV - Eddie Murphy and Weather. Bed.


Today was totally outrageous. We started at about 8:30 a.m. and from that time on we were rained on. The rain changed back and forth from heavy mist to downpour. We had finally gotten to the coast at around 10:00 a.m. but because of the Quinalt Indian Reservation we had to head inland, back towards the Olympic mountains. The Indian reservation was completely desolate so we were unable to replentish our food supplies. By the time we reached the next town, we were totally fried. We also thought that the wind would be at our backs all day but found it to be the complete opposite. The combination of a strong headwind, misty rain, hilly terrain and lack of food made today's ride one of the most difficult I've ever been on. If it weren't for our good humor and God-like cycling status, we would've never made it to Aberdeen. Over all, we covered 94.85 miles in approximately 10.5 hours. Today has really taken its' toll on my legs and knees. I think tommorrow if we can make it out of Washington, I'll be happy. I'm writting this in a hotel room (Nendels Valu Inn, $50.00 -> what a rip off). We ate at a place called Duffy's across the street which had ok food but anything tastes good at this point. Well it's getting close to 9:30 p.m. and I'm about to doze off.

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