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Journals - 8 June 1992



Woke up at 6:40. Packed up gear and took off. Got back to 101. Rode to Port Angeles. Bought peach Newtons at bakery thrift. Dennis bought muffins. Next stopped at a grocery store & bought some TP & Rade. I bought a canister of Tropical Rade mix and yogurt. Rode out of P.A. through some tough terrain.Got to Crescent Lake which is in the mountains and very nice. Met a German cyclist named Martin at a senic stop on the lake. The lake shore was flatter but had less shoulder. After lake was a big hill. It was quite chilly. After it started "misting", Martin dropped off. Stopped at an info station on to forks. Ate pizza at Pacific Pizza. Rode to Bogachiel State Park, but the Ranger wanted too much for nothing. So, we went to Hoh Oxbow and found a nice FREE campsite. Put up tent, wrote, looked at maps etc. Bed.


Today we rode 94.41 miles over extremely hilly terrain. The area was heavy into logging and we were passed by large logging trucks all day. The weather was similar to the Smokies, misty and chili. The forests were beautiful, however, and we passed by a rather large lake which Chris compared to Loch Ness. We also met another cyclist who was visiting from Germany. He was spending 3 months in the U.S. to bike all over the west. His name was Martin and he spoke very broken English which made communication difficult. By 5:00 p.m. we were getting pretty tired and decided to eat at Pacific Pizza (in Forks) for dinner. From there we rode to Bogachiel campground to spend the night. We found out that all of their facilities were down but they still wanted to charge us $4.00 to camp there. We decided that that was a bunch of bullshit and rode another 6 miles to the Oxbow campground, which is where I am now.

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