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Journals - 12 June 1992



It rained a lot. Up. Packed wet stuff ate feeble breakfast. Donned full rain combat gear. Took off. Right away hit a mountain - 3 miles to summit. On and off rain. Raining really hard for descent. Had ferocious headwinds. Took off rain gear. It rained. Put it back on. Took it off on 752ft [229m] climb. Ate sandwiches at Neskowin. Went through Lincoln City and around little bay. Bought food at Lincoln. Still had monster wind. Rode south by beaches and beachtowns. Made off 101 side trek. Climbed big overlook point. Cool. Still tough winds. Rested north of Newport. Rode into South Beach State Park. Nice campsite. Too many prickly things in grass. Tried to dry stuff. Very cool - reasonably dry though. Cooked easy wonton soup and had applesauce and CIB and bread rolls and Rade. Organized stuff. Locked bikes, wrote, Plan to take a shower write post cards and sleep. (71.03mi)


It's getting dark so this will be a short entry. We started in the rain this morning up a 3 mile long mountain. The temperature was chili and by one O'clock we had only managed to get 30 miles. The terrain flattened out but we faced strong headwinds all day. I think the total mileage was about 70 miles and we stopped at South Beach State Park for $2 each. I can't even see what I'm writting anymore so now is probably a good time to quit. (71.03 official miles)

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