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Journals - 13 June 1992



Of course it rained last night while I was about to go to the shower. In the night, Dennis got soaked. I was a bit wet, but fine. Dennis got me up real early. Packed up stuff in cold rain. Stood under bathroom awning for a while. Ate some CIB. Rode out in rain. Had only a big headwind. Cleared up a bit. Stopped to take stuff off. Got to Florence. Had a Subway 6" & went to the Safeway for tortillas, cheese, yogurt, poptarts. Ate yogurts. Hit dunes. Mostly forest outside dunes. Kept plugging away. Past Reedsport, we stopped to put some rain stuff on for heavy "misting" (rain). Crossed bridge into North Bend, rode to Coos Bay. Got a hotel room. Set everything out. (102.7)


Today we managed to break 100 miles for the first time (102.7). The headwinds were still pretty bad but we were in alot more tree cover so it wasn't as restricting. It rained so bad last night that my sleeping bag got soaked in the tent. The rain continued on throughout the morning and occasionally in the afternoon. We reached Coos Bay at about 7:00 p.m. and after checking several motels we found one for $31. Right now all our stuff is hanging all over the room drying. I didn't get much sleep last night so I think I'll go to bed now.

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