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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 13 July 1997


Day 3

13 July 1997 (cloudy; misty rain; mileage = 52.9; Skagway, Alaska) -- A - We woke up to a gorgeous morning on our high-in-the-mountains campsite. It was quite spectacular. We descended, only to begin our mostly-ascent to White Pass. We began in Yukon Territories, went through British Columbia (disguised as Yukon), and ended in ALASKA! What a day. We saw a lynx with a kill on the side of the road -- it scampered up the side of the mountain -- no problem. There was awesome scenery -- even with the very low clouds. Beautiful green translucent lakes and snow-topped mountains. Quite wonderful. Then we got to this rocky, level mountain top area they call Moonscape. It was really neat and the fog made it spooky, even. When we started getting near the pass, it got quite foggy and we could not see the spectacular mountains we knew were out there, but the fog was kind of neat, too. Then we got to descend -- FINALLY -- when we reached the pass and U.S. border, Chris went 7 mile without pedaling! Then we had to stop at Customs. No problems there -- all she asked was where we live and if we're both citizens. Yep. Bye. We had to do a small uphill bit shortly after that (Hey!) but then more down, down, down! We saw lots of great waterfalls and just neat stuff. We stopped by a waterfall for some food. We parked our bikes across the street and took the stuff over to cook water for chili and tea. We had some pb&j sandwiches as our chili was brewing. A cyclist going uphill had stopped over by our bikes and then I noticed a bear walking along behind him. Chris went over to get the bear armor and notify the guy. He left and we began to pack up as well, but we had food ready to eat. Chris decided it was a grizzly bear, but not a huge one yet. I thought it was fun, but Chris did not. We escaped unharmed and found a campground. We showered, went to do laundry, got some REAL USA chocolate milk!! and hung out for a while. Chris called Dennis. We did voice mail.
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