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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 12 July 1997


Day 2

12 July 1997 (rainy morning with strong head winds; decent afternoon -- cloudy; mileage = 37.4; 4km north of B.C., Yukon) -- X - Last night I was kept awake by a vehicle opening and closing its doors way too much. I figured they had to be spending the night there, and I found out in the morning, they were. It was raining so we slept in quite a bit. We caught a dry spell and packed up and were ready to leave when it rained some more. Just enough to drag out the rain gear. The head wind was really tough for me the whole morning. The scenery was excellent and I could imagine this being a great ride with no head wind and good weather. We got to Carcross and April had ice cream. I sampled it and it was good -- flavor: oatmeal cookie dough. We then made sandwiches with cheese and lunch meat. We were at a gas station's front porch and the wind wasn't strong here. When we were done, we rode to the main part of Carcross. There were more than a couple of churches which was surprising and a lot of touristy stuff which wasn't surprising. April wanted to go in a touristy store. We saw gold-painted moose shit. It's still stupid, like the last time I thought so -- 22 years ago! We took off south. The winds were still against us. We stopped at all the scenic overlooks -- there were many since the scenery was quite a treat. One such stop was an old silver ore mill. It seemed very interesting. We went down the road a bit and saw a semi-grassy area that we thought we could camp on. We decided to go back and eat somewhere closer to the mill (good bear safety). We had mac and cheese and oatmeal which was very good. We talked to some guys (one had an OR hat, so I knew he was cool!) who had been exploring the mountains and mines. We were heading to our camp spot when I wanted to check a bit further. There was a road going up to the mines. It was blocked off and very steep. A and I both pushed each bike up. Some people saw us and stopped, too -- copycat tourists. We set up the tent and hiked up the mines. Very fascinating. One was open, but I lacked flashlight and nerve for that adventure. We explored and returned. We are sitting outside the tent enjoying fresh mountain air with no mosquitoes! Not even one!
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