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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 11 July 1997


Day 1

11 July 1997 (cloudy; STRONG south wind; mileage = 28.1; Historic Stop on Klondike Hwy., Yukon) -- A - It took a while to pack up this morning since we had taken everything off the bikes. Chris worked on getting that all put back together while I went to take a shower. There had been a line last night, but I managed to get one this morning. Chris used his new mini tripod, mounted to the handlebar (very handy!) to get a group shot of all of us. The Swiss used the same set up and it held their much heavier camera just fine! We headed off to the grocery and the Swiss came after they took their stuff to the canoe depot. I bought $59 and was very pleased with my selections. They bought $134 -- WOW! Lots of stuff. It wouldn't all fit in their backpacks, even. It'll probably sink their canoe! We said good-bye -- very sad! We'll miss them very much! They will call our voice mail around the 25th of July when they get to Dawson City, to see (hear) what we thought of the ferry ride. We had incredible head winds going south (didn't we have head winds going north on this same stretch 2 days ago?). WOW! But it's OK, because it means the Swiss have tail winds for their initiation to canoe life. We stopped at a park with lots of kids swimming in a lake -- brr! We had super-yummy grilled cheese. Met a Canadian cyclist coming from Skagway who told us Vancouver Island can be bad to cycle on. He said "Bob's your uncle." I had never heard that before. We're camped at a quasi-historic stop. People will probably see us, but we're both tired and don't care. Our food is in the back of the garbage can. Hope it's OK.
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