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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 9 September 1997


Day 61

9 September 1997 (sunny; mileage = 12; San Simeon State Park) -- A - We had planned to get to the Hearst Castle by 8:00 to look around the visitor center and be ready for the 8:20 tour, but we were a little late leaving the camp. Then Dennis stopped us as we went by their motel, but that didn't take any extra time, because the chain jumped off Chris' back wheel just at that moment. Dennis said they were almost ready and were coming to the early tour also. We barely made it, though, and they did not make the early one. They had 4 different tours to choose from and for each one, you had to take a bus ride the 5 miles up to the castle and back to the visitor center at the end. They were $14 each tour per person and we did 3 of them, plus an IWERKS movie. The tours were guided and sometimes Chris had difficulty getting all the photos he wanted. They were careful you didn't stray from the group. The collection of artwork was wonderful, but it was not presented scientifically. It was presented as a rich dude's house (ooh, ahh). We spent close to 6 hours walking around on the tours and riding the bus and about hour with the movie. We did not see D&N while we were there and they had left by the time we left. Chris noticed "138" written with pebbles and guessed that to be their room number. It was and they were on the beach. We found them and decided they would make some phone calls to check on rental cars while Chris and I ate Mexican dinner. They had a later "anniversary" dinner planned. Chris wasn't interested in riding in the car, so I suggested we both ride back in 2 days. I thought he had agreed, but he changed his mind and I was delegated to riding with D&N. We went back to our tent and he decided what to take with him. I would take the rest. There was a different guy camped near us (and no H/Bers) and it seemed he had a motorcycle in his tent!
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