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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 19 July 1997


Day 9

19 July 1997 (nice! sunny with light tail wind; mileage = 28.9; Port McNeill) -- X - We woke up around 9:00. By then the tent from last night was on the ferry. There was a guy putting away his, though. He was on our boat. He was from Australia, although he had a non-English-sounding accent. He was interested in our gear after I started talking to him. He left us and we went to the ferry terminal to go to the bathroom and do voice mail. After, we went back to where we camped and had breakfast. We then started riding for the 1st time in a while. We rode through some very nice forests with great mountain scenery. We came to a pull-out with an info sign and a great view of the islands, light house, mainland, snow-capped mountains, etc. We stopped and had grilled cheese. There were some nasty flies here. I splatted one that was full of April's blood all over her leg. We also saw a bald eagle. After lunch we rode through similar scenery with a light tail wind. We got to a logging camp with the "world's largest burl." We didn't understand the directions very well, so we went out of our way to get to the town of Port McNeill. After the Yukon, this place seems pretty big. We got some free maps at the visitor's info place. We then went to a logging supply store, cuz I was curious. We then went to a used book store where April switched her books. We then went to the grocery store, which had a 1/2 version of Baskin Robbins. While eating our ice cream, a guy talked to us. He said he was a kayak guide and had done extensive bike touring. He used garbage bags, so I didn't believe him. We then went to the campground which was very nice and only $8 with showers included. We talked to another guy (Kelly) from Vancouver who was bike touring and doing the opposite route as us (backwards, which would be better). We gave him some good tips. We took showers and ate dinner with many mosquitoes present, but we are prepared for them, at least. Two girls are camping next to us. I went over to talk to them and lo and behold, sie sprechen Deutsche. They are from Austria and were very impressed with my INTENT to learn German, if not my progress so far. She said zooper! It's dark now. Wow!
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