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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 20 July 1997


Day 10

20 July 1997 (mileage = 53.5; Klaklakama Lake, B.C.) -- A - It was raining on and off this morning, so we stayed in the tent longer than we really should have. We got water and due to Kelly's advice, we got a platypus filled also. We made it back up the gravel hill and almost out to the main road before it started trying to rain. We had that on/off sprinkling for quite some time. We had very nice scenery. At one point there was a mountain range sticking out above some clouds. They looked to be floating. We stopped at a pull-out just as it was clearing up and had noodles for lunch. I made the comment that it rather smelled like an outhouse, but there weren't any there. Later, Chris walked down a trail near us to wash the dishes in the lake and came back with the still-dirty dishes and the news that it pretty much was an outhouse down there, only without a building and a hole. Yuck! We stopped at a couple of very nice rest areas. We talked to some people at one who gave us some water. Once the sun came out, we started drinking a lot and even with the extra we started with, we probably won't have enough. We got to this little logging-sponsored campsite to find only 1 site available. It's gravel, but OK. The map was not accurate, so we backtracked and wasted about 5 km to find it.
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