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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 21 July 1997


Day 11

21 July 1997 (rain! mileage = 47; Big Tree Creek, B.C. 50km before Campbell River) -- A - We woke up to rain again. I had hoped to get up early and get to Campbell River, but the rain delayed our start. It was not much after 9 when we did leave. Actually, the rain probably helped us both get some sleep. Someone was snoring very loudly and neither of us could sleep until the rain started and drowned out the noise. A guy stopped and asked if we wanted a ride. I would've said OK if he wasn't smoking. Chris told him no anyway. It pretty much rained on us all day, varying from mist to fairly hard. It did stop for a while, while we were eating lunch. We stopped at a rest area and put up the tarp and sat on the plastic. We had pb&j and tea. Chris got some creek water, which we boiled and filled the platypus. Oh, that was nice and warm to hold onto! We went down a hill that seemed to go forever early in the day and then up some that seemed to go forever also. They were easy to get up, though. We're at a rest area now also. We got a bit more creative with the tarp and had a Swiss-caliber meal. Pasta with Knorr mushroom sauce made with creek water under the tarp in the pouring rain. Then, Swiss chocolate for dessert! Now, just to wait for the people using their brand new hibachi to eat and leave, so we can put up our tent. X - Even better -- as they left, another cyclist pulled in. His name is Knut from Denmark. We invited him to sit under our Swiss-style tarp and eat and chat with us. It did rain quite a bit, so I'm sure he appreciated the opportunity. He was touring B.C. and I spent a lot of time asking about his bike experiences in Australia and Europe. A nice guy who, of course, spoke excellent English. We both slept well listening to the river rapids.
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