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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 22 July 1997


Day 12

22 July 1997 (rain; sun; rain; sun; rain; sun; etc.; mileage = 46.9; Miracle Beach P.P, B.C.) -- X - We got up to a bunch of new rain. It had started to stop when we started putting our gear away. We said good-bye to Knut and took off. We had a nice descent for a few miles and then a climb for MANY miles. These LONG, shallow climbs/descents are pretty standard here. After 50 km, we came to the beginning of Campbell River. This developed area lasted until we got here (Miracle Beach) ~ 20 miles. Quite a change after 100 miles of nothing. We're at a restaurant that had a Baskin Robbins 1/2 store incorporated into it. We then did some grocery shopping and then got H2O and Canadian $ and we were off again. We saw bald eagles on the shore. The road followed the coastline for quite a way (we saw a VERY tame deer this morning). We saw huge barges of saw dust and rafts of logs in the ocean. The traffic was a lot worse here, but the shoulders were pretty good all the way. We stopped at a hardware store and I bought some more cord to do even more extreme tarp work. When we got to the site, we paid a lot, but it is nice (except for the other people -- yes, all of them). We thought we should take advantage of our "free" fire wood with a fire. I used a tip from Josh or Tyler, boys we met in Prince Rupert and used WD-40 to start the fire. Wow! That works great! I also did an ultra-extreme tarp rigging using about 100 feet of cord. April, then I, took showers which were pretty nice and badly needed. We then made rice stuff and had fresh bread, cheese, coffee and Swiss chocolate. Very good. It did rain quite a bit, but the tarp worked great and the fire's still burning. Now to study some German and then get in the stinky-wet tent for some sleep.
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