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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 23 July 1997


Day 13

23 July 1997 (sunny; rain; etc.; sometimes very sunny; mileage = 28.2; Sunshine Coast Salmon Station, B.C.) -- X - We got up a bit late this morning. The campsite (surprisingly) quieted down quite nicely in the night and I slept very well. We finally did get going and it was more of the same like we had yesterday afternoon -- houses, businesses, resorts, etc. We turned off of the main road to head to Comox-Little River. That was a nice place. We saw more very tame deer. Some looked like fake deer lawn ornaments. We got to the ferry terminal just as it was pulling away. This meant a 4-hour wait. This was OK, since the sun was very bright and it gave us a chance to dry our things some more. April even washed some clothes in the bathrooms. We made a good lunch of beans and pasta. We used up 4 hours quite easily. We got on the ferry and tied our bikes down. We were very warm in the main room of the ferry and went outside after a while in there. It was warm out there, too, but it was also over. We rolled off the ferry quickly and stopped at the terminal building to use the services. I talked to a young German riding an Ortlieb-equipped bike. He was on a multi-week, not multi-year trip. He said the ride from Van. was hilly, and as we left, it was very steep! We got to the grocery store and April bought some food for us. We then went to Robin's Donuts and bought a dozen. We got going and rode some moderately hilly terrain with a great view of the ocean. The worst thing was the lack of a shoulder here, although the traffic was a bit better here. We had only gone about 10 miles when I noticed an interesting-looking place. I had to pee, so we stopped. It's a salmon gate and control facility. They catch spawning salmon here and count them and other stuff. Well, we're about a month early for it, so we're hoping there won't be any cranky people or bears. There is a nice grassy area with picnic tables here. This is obviously a public place and it doesn't say "no camping." I did a GREAT job of hanging the food. The trees around here are much better suited for it than anywhere else we've been.
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