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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 24 July 1997


Day 14

24 July 1997 (sunny; some clouds; mileage = 46.8; Sechelt, B.C.) -- A - Very nice sleeping at the fish society. We got up early and left. We made it the 15 km to the ferry at 7:45 -- it had left at 7:30, so we had a fine breakfast of oatmeal, cinnamon-raisin bread with peanut butter and/or jelly and coffee while we waited for the next one at 9:30. It was a pretty short ride. We saw some water, some islands, some blue sky, some clouds ... you know, ferry stuff. When we got off, we saw hills, cars, trees, more hills ... bike stuff. These little towns or cities along this coast are very California-ish. I guess it's a West Coast thing. We're at a campground now with a swimming pool and locked bathrooms we have to carry keys for. There's a couple here riding bikes and carrying their 18-month-old daughter in a trailer. They're from Bella Coola and are doing a one-month tour down the coast and back. They have family to visit in a couple of places along the way. I'm so glad to see them. I would like to do a bike tour someday with a child (provided I ever have one). I think that would be so cool. On one of our ferry rides, there was a woman backpacking with her baby. I thought that was really neat, too. What better time to spend all your time with them than when they're little and so amazing?
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