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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 25 July 1997


Day 15

25 July 1997 (very sunny and bright; mileage = 46.7; Vancouver, B.C.) -- X - We got up at a good time and hit the hilly road. We made it to the terminal just too late, but the ferries ran quite often. We got on and had some pb&j in the cafeteria. We then sat in the waiting area for a short while till the ride was over. At the Horseshoe Bay terminal, we talked to a German guy and his "freundin" who were riding bikes. He was very friendly. We then headed for Vancouver via a winding road along the coast. There were some very nice La Jolla-style houses there. We noticed a CAA/AAA office and stopped in for maps. We then rode across a huge bridge (actually, April walked). We got to a park with steep hills, annoying one-way bike trails and not enough bathrooms. We ate some lunch in a beautiful garden of roses. Afterward, we rode around to look at "girl in wetsuit." Then we escaped the park and headed for another CAA/AAA office for more maps and info. We borrowed their Yellow Pages and while we were looking, a courier (bike) set us straight. We then went to M.E.C., which had signs warning of bike theft likelihood. So we had to take turns looking at the neat stuff and they had Ortlieb! So we spent a lot of time here and a lot of $ (Canadian though). We then headed south to the vague campsite. We stopped at a bike shop that specialized in recumbants. We then went in search of the campsite. We found a Robin's Donuts and went in for some dessert and to look at their Yellow Pages. We called the campsite and got it figured out. We then went to McD's for some food. There were Chinese signs on the Office Max, etc. We then rode to the campsite and met a German guy, because he was putting up a T.N.F. tent. We talked a bit and he was going to the Chilkoot Trail. We both got showers and here we are and there it is. Talked to a German couple last night; Alex -- an engineer!
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