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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 27 July 1997


Day 17

27 July 1997 (sunny; mileage = 35.8; Birch Bay, WA) -- A - What a chore figuring out how to pack all this stuff on the bikes! We got back to it this morning, with the interruptions of having breakfast, talking to Andreas, me taking a shower and starting to lk., getting information on the bike shuttle through the non-rideable bike tunnel south of Richmond, trying to find some place we could ship our stuff from, and probably a bunch more things. We finally got it all crammed on and tied down and headed for the shuttle. We got there just in time, but there were only 2 spots left on the trailer and it was a logistical nightmare to get ours on in the middle of the rest of them. Then a five-minute ride to the unloading zone where we had to reassemble and then figure out where to go. The driver helped and we got on our way about an hour after we got on the shuttle. I got a flat due to a nail being jammed into my tire. We (Chris) changed it in the shade of a barn and the farm owner drove over to make sure we weren't smoking or something and told us a roofing truck had hit a culvert and flipped upside down (due to drunkenness) and had spilled a bunch of nails. There were 4 holes and the patch didn't hold right away, so he put in a new tube. We stopped at a fruit stand and Chris bought a pint of raspberries for $1. He says they were the best he's ever had. Then we had lunch at a restaurant to use the rest of our Canadian $ up and had a yummy meal. It wasn't much further to the border. They were assholes. Not to us intentionally, but just by nature. He checked our IDs and rifled through the handlebar bag and came out to look at the bikes. He asked if we had any narcotics or fruit. We had fruit but it was OK eventually. We stopped at an info center where we got some maps and directions to campgrounds. This area is filled with vacationers, but this campground isn't too bad. It was amazing how perceptible it was that we were back in the U.S. Pity that (we did see some really nice Washington mountains on the way here, though).
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