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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 28 July 1997


Day 18

28 July 1997 (sunny; mileage = 33.7; Larrabee S.P., WA) -- X - We got up kind of late and ate some oatmeal and did some organizing. The Canadians who were visiting this place were very interested in us and talked to us, took our picture and gave us some fruit. They even got rid of our extra fuel for us. We did finally get loaded up and we headed out. We had some good local maps and were able to stay away from traffic most of the way. We stopped for a picture of Mt. Baker which is quite impressive. We got to Ferndale and bought U.S. stamps, bought a new journal and went to the hardware store which was also a UPS agent. MIRACULOUSLY, there was an empty box just sitting on the sidewalk across the street. It turned out to be the PERFECT size for all of the junk we sent back (34 lbs). We then went to an authentic AMERICAN-Mexican restaurant that was quite good. I liked Ferndale (they had a grain elevator!). We headed south again and got to Bellingham, which is a nice-looking place. We stopped at a bike shop and I bought a nice, but expensive, pump. We rode along the coast until we got to a southern suburb of Bellingham and a grocery. April went in and I worked on mounting the new pump. It faced west and the sun was incredibly intense. There was no shade anywhere. Even using the umbrella, I was about to melt in the parking lot. We finally got going and there was shade along the way. The crazy thing is that it was about 20 degrees C, or 68 degrees F, in the shade. We rode along a nice stretch of road to the state park. We pulled into a site and unloaded EVERYTHING off of the bikes. We then did our best to reorganize it all. While I was test riding our new set up, I noticed walk-in campsites. I went to check them out and there were two very tame deer there. So we moved to one of these sites with our newly reorganized bikes and got set up and ate a light dinner. I went and took a shower that took quarters (ah ha! Canadian ones!), came back and hung the food in the dark. It's getting dark quite early now (~9:00 PM).
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