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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 29 July 1997


Day 19

29 July 1997 (good temp [~70] with clouds for head winds! shade; mileage = 34.7; Deception Pass State Park) -- X - Somehow we woke up late. It probably had to do with the noise from a nearby site last night. We refined and documented our reorganization effort, and we finally left the park at about noon. The weather was very nice except for the strong head wind from the south (no mosquitoes anyway). The scenery was very nice and EXTREMELY typical of my memories of West Coast cycling. We stopped at about 16 miles at a state park on the shore with a beach and lots of kids. We ate lunch at a picnic table right by the beach. We even went down to touch the H2O to make it official (that we rode to the Pacific Ocean). It was so windy that I put on my jacket. We left the park and soon discovered a nice shortcut trail for bicycles. It ran very close to the shore along dikes designed to keep the ocean off of the farm land. Then we crossed a big bridge and had a not-so-fun ride on a very busy road. At least the shoulders were good and the scenery was nice. We got to the north end of Deception Park and realized that it wasn't very well organized. We rode across a very high bridge to the south side and found the campground after reading all of the signs and info we could find. We finally found a ranger who said there was a hike-bike program, and he then gave us bad directions to these completely undocumented sites. We rode all over the place (which entailed several nasty climbs) until we found the h-b sites. We met a group of Americans doing a medium tour of this area where they apparently lived. There are also two obnoxious kids here whom I suspect didn't ride their bikes all the way here. There are also very loud, low-flying navy planes all over the place. We have the bikes stripped now (Swiss-style) which makes most things easier. We had Swiss-style pasta and cheese sauce. Time for early bed and hopefully early morning.
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