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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 6 August 1997


Day 27

6 August 1997 (sunny; mileage 75.9 ; Beverly Beach State Park) -- Chris fixed a gourmet breakfast of fried potatoes with cheese and sour cream. We left our lovely, little alcove campsite and hit the trail. We stopped at a Fred Meyer and stocked up on some food. This was the first time they gave me a hard time about using Chris' credit card, but she let me do it in the end. The riding was pretty good except that we had a crummy shoulder for a while on an inland stretch. We stopped for lunch at the Neskowin State Park beach area. We put the tarp over the bikes (unloaded to keep the kickstands working) and got underneath for shade. It was very fine! There was a guy painting on an easel and some people playing with skimboards. We had our lunch than a nice nap. We were hoping the wind would pick up and be a nice gusty tail wind, but it was pretty still there. It seems hard to predict what the wind will do, but it's been mostly kind to us. We had a couple of big hills that I'm amazed to say didn't bother me. Actually, I was very hot going up the first one and felt like I wanted to puke for a while, but then a wind kicked up and helped cool me off, and I made sure to go slow and no problem! We saw some seals lounging on the rocks. That was really neat. I've never seen that before in a non-zoo setting. Apparently, there were some whales spotted in the area also, but we did not see them. We got to this "FULL -- No Vacancy" campground and got right in because of the hiker-biker program. It's a nice little area and John is our only other person. He's riding the coast. He tours for a week every summer. He had some leftover food he gave us -- it was very good and then we fixed pasta and garlic sauce and THAT was awesome, too. I was very hungry and it all tasted very good! We went and had our non-pay showers. They were quite nice and now we are outside enjoying the breeze and coolness and admiring the stars. Chris thinks he see the Milky Way even.
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