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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 7 August 1997


Day 28

7 August 1997 (sunny; mileage = 60.8; Honeyman State Park) -- A - We had a hard time getting up this morning and didn't get going until around 9. We had a great tail wind that just got stronger as the day progressed. It was awesome! We stopped for a rest at 20 miles, and Chris noticed the screw on his front Ortlieb was barely hanging on! He tightened it and all the rest down. After about 32 miles, we stopped at a VERY windy spot to watch some windsurfers. That was neat to see. They pulled off some neat moves. The wind was gusty, so it may have been difficult for them at times. We ate lunch there also. We had some climbing in the latter part of the day, but the wind practically pushed us up the hills! A couple of times we just let the wind push. That was fun! We hit Florence and talked to some cyclists debating whether to head north on bike or to hitchhike and ship the bikes. This wind as a head wind would suck! That's so cool! Huh huh. We groceried and got 35 cents of gas for the stove and headed for the camp. It's a very nice area set apart from the rest of the park. It even had a trail marked to the restroom, only that one was closed. Oh well. There are quite a few people here. There was a cyclist already set up and John's (from last night) stuff here, as well as just a tent that turned out to not be cyclists. After we got here, another guy came in and then another set of guys. The last pair have Jandd Panniers and they just don't look good now that we've seen Ortlieb and even other ones look better. They have stuff in the top compartments and the tops droop over badly. These people are using plastic sheeting and tarps for ground sheets also. Hmm. We're the pros in the States, for sure. I can hear these guys talking about Alaska, but we're still better than they are. No doubt. X - (written in darkness) They didn't bike tour Alaska -- just easy places. I talked to them. Definitely a level below us (several below the Swiss). We left late because we slept badly because of hearing a lot of snortling and loud pig noises last night. I was worried about the food. I'm sure John thought I was into major overkill with hanging it; he thought otherwise this morning. We heard tree climbing and rummaging noises, but the food was ultimately undisturbed. I had a brilliant hang job tonight! (*-Picture -- tree with broken branches)
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