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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 8 August 1997


Day 29

8 August 1997 (sunny; mileage = 31.4; Tugman State Park) -- A - We had a typical take down, well maybe a little later than normal. We didn't get up until 7:30 or so and we did hang laundry to dry some. So, we didn't roll out of the park until 9:30. There wasn't much wind at all to start with. We went through a couple of little towns and over a couple of little hills. We had a group of cyclists with 2 vans shuttling around us for an annoying part of the morning. Of course, we passed them on the up hills because we are awesome. My back tire decided to be bad today. I noticed it getting low and we stopped to pump it up, but it got low again, so Chris changed the tube. The side of the tire has some big, chewed-up-looking holes and there was a puncture in the tube. I don't know how I managed this one! The tube he put in was the many-patched one that I last punctured with the nail in Canada that last day. He thought that patch hadn't dried enough to use back then, so he had put in a new tube. Well, apparently, the patch doesn't want to work now either, because I didn't get very far with it.... About halfway up a hill that Chris was already at the top of, I had to stop. Chris came back to help. Sorry! He patched the new tube from earlier and put it back on. It seemed to be OK then, only I noticed the brakes hitting the tire. We managed to ride to this campground, so we could have shade, lunch, and work space. We didn't have a lot of food, but decided it would be enough to be able to camp here. The biker sites are very nice. Chris worked on my bike some more and I did voice mail and talked to my dad. It was good to rest, even though the wind got very strong again. I think Chris has a cold (what anyone else would consider a cold anyway), so early bed will be good. X - The holes (4 of them) in the Canada nail tire were too big and the type of patch I used (looked like denim) wasn't impressive. I changed the rear brake pads on April's bike to the Coda, just like the front is now. We only have one spare tube now. April's brakes are still worse than mine (which are deplorable!). Can't think of what else to do. This site seems very nice. One of the guys from last night is here. He is kinda smug for a non-professional. Riding here (now, right Dennis?) is a different universe from somewhere where it rains. There is also a German girl here who lives in Montreal and is on vacation (German-style apparently). She is riding from San Diego, California to Vancouver. She is distraught over the head winds. Es ist so windig hier, nein? Oh well.
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