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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 9 August 1997


Day 30

9 August 1997 (sunny with some head wind and fog; mileage = 74.6; Humbug Mountain State Park) -- X - We got up nice and early (~6:00) and had a normal take down and breakfast. The smug guy beat us out of the park, but we were out by 7:30. I felt really yucky this morning. We rode through lots of dunes and lots of good campsites in the woods, if it was worth the trouble. We crossed into Coo's Bay with a sign on it that said it was illegal for cyclists to impede traffic. How irritating. We passed the smug guy who rides slow AND short. We rode through Coo's Bay without much fanfare -- everything was closed on a Saturday morning. I did stop in a tool rental place to check out safety glasses. They had hard hats, but no S.G. We climbed some long, but shallow, hills and made it to Bandon. Here, April did the grocery shopping while I entertained an old man. They love to hear about tire wear and flats. We ate lunch in front of the store, which wasn't too restful. On the way out, April dropped her bike in some sand (trying to follow me on a rad/Mt. Dew route out of the parking lot. Her bike is less stable for that sort of thing now without panniers. We then rode a long section of medium-hilly inland. It was a grind, especially when a head wind developed. The head wind increased until we got to Port Orford. Nothing too exciting for here (in Bandon, there was a VERY cool breeze, which was like an A.C.!). After a few more hilly miles of very scenic riding, we got to the campsite. We are camped right under the mountain. We had showers, which were very fine. Now we are sitting around relaxing (which we neglected to do while riding today -- hence the time for it now). A - Seth from Toronto joined us in the later afternoon. He had been with some friends on a Vancouver to San Francisco ride but he had less time and had left them to do some aggressive riding. He had competed in a half-Ironman, placing 5th with the first 3 qualifying for THE Ironman. He seemed a very nice guy. However, he rode with radio headphones and no mirror. Not good.
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