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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 10 August 1997


Day 31

10 August 1997 (fog and cloudy AM; head wind! sunny and calm PM; mileage = 51.1; Harris Beach State Park) -- A - We were up and out pretty early into the dense cloudiness. The wind kicked up pretty early and was going the wrong way. Very bad. We stopped at a grocery store after 20 or so miles so I could pee, and as a bonus, I got some chocolate milk and blueberry Danish rolls. On the way out of town, Chris spotted a store -- The Pelican Pouch! It was disappointing to see the same stuff I see in catalogs we buy Meow Mart stuff from. I did get some Oregon post cards, though. We stopped at the tallest bridge in Oregon for a photo and talked to a couple from Portland. They ride a little and were interested in us. Then back into the very annoying wind. It seemed like our destination would never show up, but we finally found it. We went to the info booth across the street first in search of a California map and found a couple from Calgary who were spending a 2nd night in this park. They are traveling with another couple and both have B.O.B.s. This park has a very large hiker-biker camp with like 12 sites. I was annoyed at the amount of time I had to wait to check in (with only 1 person ahead -- already being waited on), so I cleverly got him to assume I just had one person. So $4 for our site. Very nice! We did get here early, since we didn't stop much and we lounged pretty well. We talked about plans for Dennis' and Nancy's arrival. We both had showers and now we're fixing dinner. California is rumored to be 9 miles away, so even with a head wind, we should make it! X - There were spots today where the temp would suddenly drop 10 degree F. That's a big reason I wanted to stop at the pelican junk store -- to put on the jacket -- I was freezing! Great scenery and riding today. Bad wind!
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