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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 21 August 1997


Day 42

21 August 1997 (mileage = 45.6; Hendy State Park on Highway 128 to Cloverdale) -- X - We said good-bye to our very kind hostess and headed for the grocery store. On the way, we stopped to photo Larry Spring's shop and the guitar mural. After a snack outside the store, we hit the road. We passed by Mendicino without really noticing it. I had remembered going through it twice and figured it was on the road. No matter, we turned onto the Comptche Road and started a mild, but long, climb. I stopped at a driveway to wait for April and a passing car stopped and asked, "Can I help you?" in a Marge Schott voice. I said no and she backed up and turned into the long driveway. We continued with fabulous vistas to the north. Then we got to a series of LONG, shallow (perfect) descents. When we got to the Navarro Road (128), we saw a sign for a demonstration forest. I correctly guessed that there were picnic tables and we ate lunch there. We then rode around the trail. I guess these logging companies have a lot of P.R. to do. This particular forest seemed to be tied to masonite. I did get the unique experience of driving my vehicle right inside of a healthy living Redwood! Yea! My life is a balanced now!! Onward we rode. And it was hot. We got to the wine fields with lots of tasting rooms along the way. That's great -- narrow roads and now the tourists are drunk! They had shiny streamers and automated fireworks to scare birds (I guess). We came upon a sign for this park. We didn't realize it was here from the map. We used the phone, then rode way into the campground (probably 2 miles off 128). We took showers, relaxed, read, ate normal stuff (pasta in sauce [Lipton], bread, ICBINB, hot and real chocolate, oatmeal, etc.) and now we're in the tent. Oh ya, there are mosquitoes here! I noticed them during a pit stop this morning, and I got out the bug shirt at lunch. They weren't Canada mosquitoes, but they were kind of annoying. Same at dinner.
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