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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 22 August 1997


Day 43

22 August 1997 (nice; a bit hot; mileage = 55.6; Healdsburg [chez Robert]) -- X - We got up and packed and went out on the same 1.5-mile trip to the highway that we came in on. Once there, the riding was very nice. The road was still a bit too narrow and there was some traffic, but it wasn't too bad. We were riding mostly in dry-looking riverbeds which made it rather flat and gentle. We saw deer several times. All of the day's climbs were very tolerable and we had a really good descent, in particular where we came down fast enough for fun and slow enough for duration. We got to Cloverdale early in the day (~11:00). We went to their bike shop and we got permission to leave our bikes there while we ate. We went across the street to a good Mexican restaurant and had good Mexican food. Afterwards, we headed for Healdsburg. We found our back road easily enough and it had a very wide shoulder. It was very hot and sunny at this point, so we were both annoyed when April's chain laid itself out on the ground behind her. I pulled a couple of links (a pin was missing) while she held the umbrella. We got on a bugier back road (with a nice shoulder still) and rode through an endless (continuous) network of vineyards. We finally got here and with uncanny perfection, we rode straight to my uncle's house (which I've never been to and which isn't all that obvious). After saying hi and chatting quite a bit, we (April and I) went for a tour on foot of the town. We stopped at the drug store and dropped off our film. We then went to the bike shop and it was like all bike shops and that was discouraging. So we went to the grocery store and got a pint of ice cream each and came back to the house. Later, we had a pasta dinner with Daniel and Naomi present. We stayed up late talking. That's a big pastime here -- intelligent conversation or the sincere effort at it.
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