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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 6 September 1997


Day 58

6 September 1997 (hot; sunny; nice temp and wind; mileage = 36.5; Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park) -- X - We have ridden 10,000,000 meters. We got up nice and early and had a quiet take down. We fixed pancakes which were very yummy. The Swiss were up with us. While we waited for D&N, I chatted with the new Swiss, which annoyed April. We finally got going and rode down to the grocery store. April bought lots of food for the upcoming lack of opportunities. I bought some fuel and we took off. My mapless navigating was pretty good until we got to the Monterey 17-mile drive toll booth. There was a freeway one direction and a "No Bikes on Weekends" guard the other. I asked some cyclists going the other way and they said to get on the freeway. So we did and it was fine. We rode through Carmel just fine and into some really great scenery. At the "big" hill, April and I waited and waited. I was especially fast since I tried to catch a carbon fiber couple who I'd kept up with earlier. I gained on the hill but couldn't catch them. There was a dilemma about where to lunch and after the descent we were so close to done that A and I suggested pushing on. We did and arrived in camp at about 2-3. I called my mom and we did V.M. also at Big Sur -- the micro town. I saw an adventure vehicle that I'd seen on the Alcan. I went over and talked to them and sure enough -- they were there. They were hang-glider bums and had huge tubes on their car. They were Austrians. In camp, we ate lunch, set up and April and I took a very nice shower together. April and I then checked out the store and gift shop here. Weird. We bought a map that showed the cabin that my great-grandmother's aunt's husband built to homestead this land -- which was donated and sold to the state and became California's first state park. We rode to the cabin and I got a picture on the porch. We rode back and I talked to the Swiss a bit. We then cooked dinner. This ran a bit late and it got dark, but we still made great tomato sauce for our pasta. We cleaned up the camp and now it's bed time.
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