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Summer 1997 - Yukon to California
Journals - 7 September 1997


Day 59

7 September 1997 (hot; sunny; nice; mileage = 28.5; Limekiln Mystery [Mystery since it's not listed anywhere] State Park) -- X - We got up at 7:00 (or later). We were almost done with our take down and breakfast when D&N got up. They also wanted to make pancakes which we knew would be time-consuming. We unloaded the bikes and went on a little bike/hike to the Pfeiffer Falls. They were really quite beautiful. When we returned, D&N were still nowhere near done, so I adjusted all of April's brakes. Much better now apparently. When they finally were ready, I put Nancy's rear panniers on my bike (with all of my stuff and her rear rack stuff -- April has her front panniers). This left her with a totally unloaded bike and me with a very loaded one. Even still, right out of the park, I put 7 minutes on them climbing our 1st hill. I was only 1 minute up on April. Then we descended back to the Big Sur cliffs for a whole day of Big Sur scenery. And we sure took our time through it. MANY stops to wait, etc. We spotted sea lions in the kelp bed while we were stopped for a break. Lunch was a beautiful spot under some trees that was high on the cliffs. After lunch, more of the same. (Actually, I think we saw otters at lunch and sea lions earlier -- we saw both. [A - we saw both earlier, actually.]) We finally all dragged into Lucia, which is just a resort and gas stop a la Alcan. There were two campgrounds ahead. There was this mysterious state park and there was the place Dennis and I stayed at last time. He wanted to go there, but there weren't any showers there. I rode down the hill to ask about hike/bike. It was only $11 for all of us, but the park guy seemed like he wanted us to NOT stay there. Well, then I rode down a second time and I came back and said A and I would stay here for $11 and they could have a shower here and go on if they wanted to. There is a rushing river that all of the sites are along, like at Pfeiffer but much narrower. The +1-dollar sites are very out of the way and the river is quite loud (which is nice). In fact, it looks like the spot on our morning hike where April said "This is where I wanted to camp." I was hot from my 2 climbs out of the park and I went down to the river and waded in. It was VERY cold, but I eventually got completely submerged for a bit. Very refreshing. Dennis had to follow suit. They both (D&N) went and took a shower and went to the beach. A and I made excellent Knorr and olives, etc. I got the bikes, tent, camp ready. When D&N came back, we were ready for a trip to the beach. It was a beautiful cove where the river meets the ocean. The sand is black with polished stones that we collected. We climbed up a pointy rock and watched the sky light up with neon orange and pink in the sunset. Back to the tent and the sounds of the river. (*Picture-Chris and April watching sunset) -- A - We used port-o-lets at 2 construction sites also. Very convenient!
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