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You have found the bike touring pages of Chris X Edwards. One of my hobbies is to ride my bike - across continents! These web pages are the official record of some of these adventures. At the moment, I am working on redoing the bike touring website. I have actually made some progress. My ultimate goal is to have all of my photos available (archived) on the web and a consistent and tractable organizational scheme.
This site formerly had a "guestbook", but I didn't check it as often as I should have. So I'm getting rid of that in favor of a much more sensible system - got something to say to me? Write me an email. I'd love to hear from you.

2006 Catalina (favorites)
2006 Palomar (favorites)
The whole mess
This is the collection of new trip photos managed by my Pixiepoo software. Give it a try. Hopefully my server's up.
1992 Trip Seattle, Washington to San Diego, California
1997 Trip There Ohio to Alaska
1997 Trip Back Alaska to California
1997 Solo Trip San Simeon, California to San Diego California
1998 Winter Trip San Diego, California to Cincinnati, Ohio
1999 Central Europe Trip Luzern, Switzerland to Bergen, Norway
2001 Central Europe Trip Rotterdam, Netherlands to Basel, Switzerland
2001 Czech Trip Passau, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic
Chris' Wheelbuilding Guide Frustrated by unsatisfying information about wheelbuilding, I figured everything out myself (spoke sizing, lacing, truing) and wrote a comprehensive manual on the topic designed to keep myself well informed. If it helps you, great.
Chris' Bicycle Geometry Guide Frustrated by unsatisfying descriptions of bicycle geometry in catalogs, I decided to create a system that made more sense. This is mostly for my own reference, but if it helps you, great.
2030 TdF winner superfluous animated bike

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