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Journals - 6 June 1992



Started out by being best man in Seth's wedding. Went to reception. Left a bit early got home at 2:30. Made final packing arrangements. Dad showed up at exactly 4:00 (way to be on time)He drove Cheryl & me & stuff to Dennis'. We got Dennis' stuff (had to go back for Dennis' helmet, good work Cheryl). Went to airport. Said goodbye to dad and Cheryl. The baggage guy didn't give us any trouble. Ran around the airport trying to deposit a set of checks. Got McD's snack & waited for plane. Flew from Cincinnati to Minneapolis. Changed planes and flew to Seattle. Invented goofy headphone substitutes [from straws, I think - so we could hear the movie without paying for it...]. Plane was early. Waited for Cynthia Finley. Paged her. Went to baggage pick up. Got boxes. Met her there. Waited for her to drive around. On the way home she got lost and gave us the scenic tour of Seattle. Finally got to her house. Met Shaun who is a U.N. hopeful, & Skip who is a journalism major at Texas A&M. Cynthia is in civil engineering there. They were all Republicans, but nice anyway. Dennis & I put our bikes together in the garage. Mine wasn't quite done when we went to bed. Bed 1:30 (4:30EST).


Arrived in Seattle at 9:00 p.m. and met Cynthia Finly who we never met until then. She took us to her house in Bothell (which her dad built himself) and started building our bikes in their garage. Cynthia told us she was going to Texas A&M for civil engineering (I felt sorry for her). She also said she was the president of the young republicans (I then quit feeling sorry for her). We also met her boyfriend Sean and his friend, Skip. Sean is a political science major at Texas A&M and thought he was going to become the chief economic advisor of the United Nations. Everybody was very hospitable. Cynthia let us sleep in the house in her parents bedroom (who were away) and the guest bedroom. We finally went to sleep at 1:30 a.m. (4:30 a.m. our time).

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