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Journals - 15 June 1992



Up. Packed up stuff which was pretty dry since it only rained a little last night. Out to Brookings. Went to grocery store. Ate Chocodiles and pastery. After, Dennis talked to his mom for a while. Outa there. Crossed the border to CA. ! Took off jackets finally. Had good wind to Crescent City. Entered Redwood Natl. Park. Had some nasty climbs. Saw a wreck wreckage. After 2nd big climb, we dropped on a slow descent. Some guy got us to take pictures of him and a very big tree. He was writing a book. He took our pictures. His name - Mike Taylor. Ate lame lunch of candy etc. At Prarie Creek Park saw big dogs disguised as Elk. Had the wind really good and booked. Saw wind surfers. Jackets on/ jackets off - over and over. Really booked on a freeway to Arcata. Got to KOA but they wanted $16. Not! So around in the wind to Eureka. Met fellow traveller who we prudently distanced ourselves from. Went to King's Table smorgasborg to eat. Finally found the cheapest, scuzziest, hooker motel in the city. Shower (ick!). Wrote - watched a bit of Steven King and bed. (116.96)


I'm writing this in the sleeziest motel I've ever been in. I'm pretty sure the couple next door got an hourly rate. Anyway, today we managed to cover 116.96 miles. The wind was finally at our backs the whole way and we didn't get rained on once. We did manage to climb a number of rather large hills so the ride wasn't a complete piece of cake. We started just north of Brookings, Oregon and ended in Eureka, California. One interesting part of our day was seeing the second largest Redwood in the Redwood National Park. We just happened to run into a guy studying the trees for a book he's currently writing. He took a picture of us standing in front of the tree and we took a picture of him in front of the tree. He said if the picture's good enough he might put it in his book. His name was Micheal Taylor so if any books about redwoods come out with his name on it, I should buy one (because I could be in it!). Other than that the day was pretty uneventful but at least the weather was nice.

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