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Journals - 16 June 1992



Left sleaze motel. Cound't find a grocery store out of Eureka. Passed German rider "Hans" several times. Got off freeway in Fortuna. Found a lame supermarket. Bought food. Ate breakfast. (yogurt, cookies, etc). Tried to find H2O. None! Finally got some hideous water and left. Was on freeway a lot. Tailwind and nice weather. We dropped down to Avenue of Giants and rested at a park there. Very senic. Got back on 101. Had a couple of medium climbs. Stopped for lunch at Benbow Lake S.P. Very nice. Rolling hills and little climbs to Leggett. At Leggett, we dropped down to the river and did a 4.25 mile, 2000' foot climb. Awesome descent. A bit of rolling then another good climb around Cape Bizcaino. Rolling road on coast to Westport-Union Landing Beach. Put up tent. Cooked chile and cheese, applesauce. Locked bikes. Bed (125.66).


Today was probably the hilliest day we will have on the whole trip. We climbed several 3 - 700 ft. hills and finally climbed a 2000 ft. mountain just out of Leggett. We then climbed another 900 ft. hill before we reached the coast. We arrived at the West Port Union Landing Beach State Park at about 8:00 p.m.. The total mileage for the day was 125.66 miles.

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