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Journals - 20 June 1992



Up. Packed up stuff. Went to Safeway to buy groceries. Hit Santa Cruz. Stopped for more complete food. Had to p. So we looked for a park found one - no p though. Took a long time to get through S.C. Out to Watsonville on bike trail. Bit of a wind. Back to One. Hit farm roads through Marina. Started looking for a place. Hotels were ridiculus. Went to Taco Bell. For P & food. Dennis almost got mugged. I talked to CB a bit. On bike trail to Sand City, Monterrey. Went to Veteran's Mem. Park on advice of women at $18 paved campground. Climbed ridiculous hill to campsite at night. Set up quick. Took a glorious shower. Bed. (109.67)


We rode from Half Moon Bay to Monterey today. The total mileage was 109.67 miles. Most of the day was foggy except for when we arrived in Santa Cruz. As soon as we left Santa Cruz it got foggy again. It was as if Santa Cruz was surrounded by fog. Chris's achilles tendons were hurting in the morning so we didn't make very good time. By the time we reached Monterey it was completely dark. We stayed in Veterans Memorial Park which was on the top of a hill in Monterey. It was a tough climb in the dark but the campground turned out to be pretty nice.

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