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Journals - 21 June 1992



Up. Talked to professional homeless while packing up. Got going. Rode to Carmel. Went shopping. Talked to grandma. Rode into Big Sur. Massive headwind. Up & down. Stopped in at Pfieffer for lunch. Pressed on. Hit H2O founts. Den called dad from Lucia. Hit campground early. Talke to Aussie and Brit. Ate. Bed. (64.00)


Today we rode from Monterey to a campground just south of Lucia. The total mileage was 64.00 miles. The day was sunny and the scenery through Big Sur was fantastic. We faced the dreaded head winds again and the terrain around Big Sur was extremely hilly. We met a number of other cyclists in the campground. One group was a couple from England that had been cycling in New Zealand, Australia, England, and Malaysia (and a few other place that I forgot). The guy said he has ridden over 250,000 miles in his lifetime. The other group was three girls from Santa Cruz that were planning on riding across the U.S. to New York by the end of the summer. One of the girls was originally from Cincinnati and went to Indian Hill High School (graduated in 1987, what a coincidence). It was only there second day out and all of their equipment looked brand new. I'm kind of skeptical about how far they'll get but at least they're trying it which is more than I can say for most people.

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