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Journals - 24 June 1992



Up super early. Packed quickly. Ate a.sauce & Ptarts. Rode at decent pace in fog along ocean. Saw herd of dolphins (about 20) and a seal. Stopped to watch a bit. Pressed on through Ventura. Stopped and called grandma. Got H2O in Oxnard. Stopped for a snack at missles on Navel Air Dr. Hazy & foggy on Malibu beaches. Ate at Zuma(?) Beach. Dennis & I climbed on the ring set. Got on beach in L.A. Windy beach path. Along 1 into town. (Busy!) Good wind in town. Stopped at G-store for Aquavend. Stopped at McD's for RR and quick snack. Rode through Long Beach & on bike path to Newport. Found a cheap motel & checked in. Showers. Over to Antinucci's. No credit cards so we left flat broke. To liquor store for tomorrow's snacks. Back to motel. Bed. (132.15)


We left Carpenteria this morning at about 7:30 a.m. in the fog. The road was flat and Chris set a pretty quick pace right away. About 15 miles into the trip we spotted a group of about 20 dolphins swimming just offshore. We both tried to take picture but it was foggy and they were too far away. We stopped to eat lunch at, on, or around Malibu Beach (I'm not sure exactly but it was close to Malibu Beach). I was surprised to see so many people on the beach on a weekday. We rode on to Los Angeles which was a pretty nice ride once we got onto the bike trial. The bike trail was flat and we had a strong tailwind. We wanted to try to get to Dohenny Beach State Park but that would have been a 150 mile ride. We instead stopped in Newport Beach and stayed at the Pine Knot Inn for $32. The total mileage for the day was 13? miles. That night we ate at Antinucci's and just assumed they took credit cards. They didn't take credit cards and we barely had enough cash to pay the bill and leave a small tip. Between the two of us we have less than one dollar in cash.

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